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 DragonNest LVL 50-60 Char. Guide

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PostSubject: DragonNest LVL 50-60 Char. Guide    Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:25 pm

This is supposedly leaked lv50-60 skills for the current classes...

If you dont want to click the link..

its google translated.

Original page:


[ spoiler ]

Each occupation from between 50-60, you can open four new skills.

Including 2 EX, 1 a passive skill and an active skills



Regional batter EX: The number of segments to enhance the air attack and damage

Cut the barbed bone EX: who will be back when blur in the sprint after the injury, the blur of the target causing continuous damage.

Vested with the sword: the passive skills, all the physical skills to enhance the destructive power of super armor, stiff and stiff resistance

The impact of cut: instant sprint to the front a distance of 15m, damage on the enemy's line super armor, and then quickly back to hacking, the surrounding enemies within 7m cause great harm.


Whirlwind EX: available in different directions to the front, but emit three cyclone.

Fatal hacking EX: the self-centered, when issued to the eight directions around Jian Qi Jian Qi will be greater than ever, hurt improvement.

Aura Sword: passive skills, permanent damage to upgrade their magic power.

Moonlight cut: into the air, the waving sword, called a huge moon Jianqi beheaded ground targets, the unit will be hit by loss of the moon must MP (The effect only PVP).


Killing Spree EX: reduce the killing spree of the CD interval, 100% damage to target super-armor, was hit into a floating state.

Rotary impact EX: 100% of the rotating shock stun the target, and reduce the fatal blow against the target.

End of the blow: the passive skill, any skill can be used to launch, when the target value of less than 50% of life, their attacks have a chance to spike, the BOSS is invalid, PVP probability significantly reduced.

Burst Shock: The Charge to launch their own full potential, within a certain time, a significant reduction in self-defense force, greatly enhance the physical attack power, crit rate, destructive.


Corrections wave EX: enhancing the range and damage wave discipline, the goal was hit by fire properties will continue to burn state.

Range bomb EX: greatly enhance the scope and range of a bomb attack damage.

Life force: a passive skill, so regular attacks, 25% chance of normal attack damage 50% damage converted to the value of their own lives.

Death growl: issued amazing roar, temporarily reduce the maximum health of all enemies and defense, while the units in the state can not jump, can not be flashing, sliding, rolling.



Hell flames EX: the attack the flames of hell to enhance the scope, frequency of attacks and damaging effect.

Firewall EX: firewall greatly enhance the lethality and enhance the speed hands, and immediately after the first strike the enemy float.

Fire breaks: the passive skills, so that their property damage by fire, the chance of injury will be converted to their own health.

Fire Dragon: Summon a fire dragon around in their own side, causing the surrounding enemies continue to burn. Flames randomly after a certain time toward a goal of causing great harm.


Frost EX: the range of frost damage to be promoted to enhance the deceleration duration.

Ice barbed EX: Ice barbed greatly enhance the width of the duration of improved 70%.

Cold: passive skills, so that their normal attacks have a chance to freeze target.

Ice land: the self-centered, so that the ground freezes. After a goal slip when walking, can not immediately change the direction of movement, the land of ice after the end of the duration of melting of a large range of damage the enemy.


Dark Temple EX: the Black Temple to call two additional wormhole, wormhole and improve the maximum output.

Call black holes EX: the scope and enhance the attractiveness of the black hole, and greatly enhance the black hole of time.

Gravity control: passive skills, enhance their permanent dark attribute attack and defense.

Call Death: call a strong grasp of death around the enemy, so all the enemies around in a certain period of time, is death to seize the last float, unable to move, cause some damage when landing.


Nine laser EX: the laser has to penetrate and tracking results, and disappear when the explosion occurred in the laser.

Light rain EX: light rain in the distance outside the circle of 3m additional 2 aperture, and the skills to hands after the operation without waiting for, the skills will not be interrupted.

Light power: passive skills, so that all his skills into the optical properties, optical properties and permanently enhance the attack.

Time and space are: use, create a space of the door, then you can be anywhere within a 30m right-click the door to create a space that he and his teammates through the door to space shuttle.



Pious EX: the pious state of defense can move freely, but can not use skills! Use the spacebar to toggle the state, the duration can switch to defense or attack the state, reflecting an additional effect of physical harm.

Shield red EX: the impact of scope to enhance the 70% shield red state, the damage reduction effect increased to 80%.

Armor: passive skills, each level of percentage of permanent physical enhance their own defense force, and so by the magic damage have a chance to be invalid.

Justice of the gas: send an instant breath of justice, all enemies will be around 10m Danfei to distant places, and to bounce all the units, 100% in their hatred of him.


Divine Hammer EX: Holy Hammer to enhance the scope of the attack, bringing the sacred hammer of the unit has a chance in power.

Impulse EX: the impact of abolition of the role of lightning target limits the scope of the effect of increasing the impact of lightning.

Trial of wisdom: a passive skill, physical attack by a certain minimum percentage increase in wisdom, in accordance with the minimum magic attack power of a certain percentage increase in strength.

Holy trial: the power of divine call, within 10m of their own eyes on a straight line all the optical properties of a devastating injury to the enemy, and it is bound by divine power.


Healing hands EX: the healing hands of health care to extend and enhance the duration, the amount of recovery and healing hands will not be destroyed.

Healing hands EX: the healing hands at once cleared away all the abnormal state, and the duration of the immune status of any abnormalities (not including the deceleration zone and other areas of magic), the duration of growth.

Totem master: Passive skills: to make all his totem spell, have a chance to summon the totem duration doubled.

Purification of the hands: in front of the sacred call, continuing in the range of enemy property damage caused by a small amount of light, and the front of the body to eliminate the target state, so that within the scope of the sacred light teammate temporary immunity property damage.


Light Cross EX: speed up the casting speed, reduce the speed of Light Cross flight to improve flight distance, and was cross-Light has a chance to hit the target electric shock.

Ray burst EX: you can not in the surrounding state of shock caused 100% damage all the enemies of the state in the power of the enemy causing 200% damage and magic will not eliminate the shock state, so that no unit of 10 seconds of electric shock electric shock.

Lightning incarnation: a passive skill, standing immobile in a place without using any skills in the case, then continued around the production of their own lightning ball, and rushed around the auto damage the enemy, and make electric shock.

Heaven Lightning: continuous casting, calls numerous tenrai, great in their own surroundings within the random bombing of the ground, hit enemy on the fatal injury, and blow fly. Continuous casting conditions can activate the embodiment of lightning.



Flying air bursts EX: after use can stay in the air for 5 seconds, hit the space bar to the ground, fired more sustainable arrows, left-click to launch a powerful arrows, right-click landing.

Surround EX: surrounded by a range of up to 50% damage increase 50%, 50% increase in duration. In the state of siege, their damage reduced by 50%. Right-click to launch the end of a strike, and cancel the state.

Puncture: a passive skill, so that their physical attack with arrows fired puncture function. Each penetrate a target, damage reduced by 10%. The first attack on the unit damage increase 25%.

Slowly Arrow: Launch a very large and slow flying arrows to move slowly in 2 seconds after the moment of the outbreak, spread into numerous small arrow, a random track within 15m of the enemy kill.


Herd Arrow EX: Use the arrow has a puncture Herd effect and enhance the range and damage. And launch a strong final extra magic arrows.

Tracking arrows EX: Add 3 additional arrows to follow the arrow, and arrows to enhance the tracking capabilities to track and injury force.

Magic Arrow master: the passive skills, permanently enhance their own magic attack power.

Flower and Arrow: Arrow to air launch a plum, plum blossom arrows in the air, to the surrounding petals to launch a strong attack.


Bundled shooting EX, so that tied into its own as the center shot, around 4m will be bound within the enemy closer. Then hit the space bar on the ground can cause damage to all surrounding enemies hit into the air.

Spiral Storm EX: spiral storm greatly enhance the scope and enhance the spiral storm frequency and duration of attacks.

Spiral fire: passive skills, so that ordinary attack, a chance to launch a small whirlwind attack.

Phantom Vortex: Call of Duty 2 or 3 black phantom possessed, their use of any skill, the avatar will follow the release of same, each avatar has its own 30% of the damage for a certain time and then disappeared.


Whirlwind feitui EX: 50% improved cyclone feitui sustained attack time, and can exert strong a right kick to stun the target.

Spirit of the outbreak EX: the effect of doubling the spirit of the outbreak, the duration increased by 50%. And the state, you can continuously press the space bar fly.(After the end of time, such as the flying height is greater than 10m then fall to the ground without being made action)

Wind Walk: passive skills, tumbling again after clicking button to launch the same direction, so that their speed improved significantly.

Blast feitui: its rapid flashes back and forth in a single target, on target to play crazy shot. You can also wind-step mode, click the left mouse button released.


2 EX, respectively 53 and 57 learn

Passive skills can be learned in 55

Active skills can be learned in 60

Introduce some skills may not be accurate

[ /spoiler ]


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Posts : 212
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PostSubject: Re: DragonNest LVL 50-60 Char. Guide    Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:25 pm

may Mga 3rd Job na pagdating ng LVL 50 !!


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DragonNest LVL 50-60 Char. Guide
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